Virtual DC

Deploying Group Policy Security Update MS16-072 \ KB3163622

Find patch installed or not find remote machine

Get-HotFix -ComputerName “PC1” | Where-Object -Property HotfixID -EQ “KB4040980”



How to use Process Monitor for standard log and for bootlog

Listening Ports & Netsh Bindings

Verify Listening Ports

If you want to investigate the TCP ports which the AD FS server is listening on, netstat can be used for this.

netstat -anob | findstr "443"

Verifying SSL Listening Ports Using Netstat

Verify Netsh Bindings

The same applies if you want to see the SSL bindings.  We can use netsh to review them:

netsh http show ssl | findstr /i "Hostname:port"

Verifying SSL Bindings Using Netsh

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