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Torrent website

Site Best Known For
P2PGuru Best proxy site for Pirate Bay
KickAssTorrents Largest Torrent Community
OfflineBay Offline Version of The Pirate Bay
RARBG Most Diverse Torrent Repository
YTS.AG Movies Exclusive
AIO Search Google of Torrent Websites
Popcorn Time Stream Movies from Torrents
TorrentHounds Most resilient Torrent Community
Lime Torrents Redesigned and Improved Features Clone of Original KAT Torrents
ISO Hunt New team comes with Advanced Features
Zooqle Movies Search only
Torrents Parallel Search in 600+ Torrent Websites

DNS scavenging_status

$zones = Get-Content “C:\Users\k054995\Desktop\test\input.txt”

foreach($zone in $zones)


$Output = Get-DnsServerZoneAging -Name $zone -ComputerName pgc2eu-dceu101 | Select-Object ZoneName,AgingEnabled,RefreshInterval,NoRefreshInterval


$Output | export-csv -Path “C:\Users\k054995\Desktop\test\eu1_reverse-lookupzone_scavenging_status.csv” -NoTypeInformation -Append


AD replication Test

#identify AD sites which differ in replication schedule from a reference site, here GC1

$RefscheduleRaw= ((Get-ADReplicationSite -Identity GC1).ReplicationSchedule.RawSchedule)
$Refschedule= ((Get-ADReplicationSite -Identity GC1).ReplicationSchedule)

#Set-ADReplicationSite -Identity test -ReplicationSchedule $Refschedule

$sites= (Get-ADForest).sites
$SiteList= @(”)

foreach($site in $sites){
$schedule= ”
$schedule= ((Get-ADReplicationSite -Identity $site).ReplicationSchedule.RawSchedule)
if(!$schedule -or ($schedule -ne $RefscheduleRaw)){
# $site


$siteList |Sort-Object

Export the DNS Zone

dnscmd pfm1DC-dc31 /zoneexport DNS-ZoneExport_am-af-fr.txt

dnscmd pfm1DC-dc31 /zoneexport DNS-ZoneExport_am-groupe-ad-ag-fr.txt

Export-DnsServerZone -FileName DNS-ZoneExport_am-agf-fr_2.txt -Name -Computername pf1eu-dc3

Export-DnsServerZone -FileName DNS-ZoneExport_am-groupe-ad-agf-fr_2.txt -Name -Computername pfm1eu-dc31

Cannot boot Windows Server after installing update 0Xc000021a

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