VGA to HDMI Cable

  1. Solution No.1: VGA to HDMI Cable + Audio Line
    A HDMI port can transfer the video signal and audio signal at the same time. However, a VGA port can only transfer video signal. That means if you use a VGA to HDMI cable to convey the signal, you still need an audio converter cable to connect computer to TV in order to get the sound. These two cables should look like this:
    vga to hdmi cable
  2. Solution No.2: VGA to HDMI Converter Box
    As a VGA to HDMI box has an audio port and support HDMI output, you don’t need an extra audio cable converter and you can use the TV HDMI line to connect the VGA to HDMI box to your TV. Check the following chart.
    VGA to HDMI explained
    As is shown in the picture, there are three steps to make this work:
    1, Connect PC VGA to the VGA jack of the converter box
    2, Connect PC audio to the audio jack of the Converter box
    3, Connect the converter box to the HDMI jack of the TV
    By the way, the VGA and audio cable is packed with this converter box. Here is the package:
    package contens

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