DHCP Interview Question Answers

1. What ports are used by DHCP and the DHCP clients ?

UDP Port 68 used for Requests.

UDP Port 67 used for server Replies.

2. What is DORA in DHCP ?

DORADiscover, Offer , Request , Acknowledgement.

DORA means DHCP server Lease process short-form.

3. What is dhcp ?

DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. It is a network protocol it enables automatically assign IP address to client machine from a defined range of scope in the network.

4. What is DHCP Scope ?

DHCP scope is used to define range of IP address in the DHCP Server. Scope is used to assign the IP address appropriate clients.

5. Define Types of Scopes.

There are three types of scopes are available in DHCP.

(i)  Normal Scope or Unicast Scope

(ii)  Multicast Scope

(iii) Super-scope

 Normal Scope or Unicast Scope:

The Normal scope it allows sub-net masks, exclusions and reservations, and classes A, B, and C IP address ranges to be specified.

Multicast Scope :

Multicast scope uses class D address it allow direct communication from one point to multiple points. It is very easy to configure. Multicast scopes does not support DHCP assignable options. if a computer  wants to receive a multicast IP address, it must first have a valid primary computer address on a class A, B, or C network.

Superscope :

Superscope is administrative scope. Collection of scopes together to manage logical IP subnets on the same physical segment which means that they can be enabled and disabled as a single entity.

6. What is BOOTP ?

BOOTP (bootstrap protocol) is a host configuration protocol. It is developed before DHCP.

7.  DHCP Database storage default location ?




8.   What is DHCP Database file extension ?

DHCP database file extension is .mdb

9.  DHCP Automatic Backup default Interval time ?

60 Minutes

10. Where we can Change the default DHCP database Interval Time ?

We can change the default interval time for DHCP database by modifying the Registry value BackupInterval in the following location in registry


11. What are the Switches are used with IPCONFIG ?

IPCONFIG/ all, Release/ Renew/ FLUSHDNS

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