Schedule GPO Backup

A domain containing many GPO’s can become rather complex. Properly designed it still can be manageble, but reproducing it is a different story. Nonetheless there’s no easy backup mechanism for your group policies. Or is there?

When Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) is installed on Windows 2003, you will find some useful scripts in the folder %programfiles%\GPMC.                For Windows 2008 the scripts must be downloaded (I wonder why). After install, the scripts are located in %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Group Policy\GPMC Sample Scripts.

Download scripts for Windows 2008: GPMCSampleScripts.msi          In my opinion the best script is BackupAllGPOs.wsf. This script backups all GPO’s in the domain. The syntax for backup to the folder D:\Backups\GPO is:

cscript.exe BackupAllGPOs.wsf D:\Backups\GPO

Running this command as a scheduled task is an easy way for a daily GPO backup.        TIP: Use the scripts RestoreGPO.wsf or RestoreAllGPOs.wsf to restore or use GPMC.


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