backup my SCCM server

Create a folder for storing the data

In Windows Explorer create a folder (or share on another computer *recommended) for storing our backup data

eg: D:\sources\backup or \\server\someshare

Create a scheduled backup task

To create a scheduled backup task, expand the Site Settings node and expand the Site Maintenance node, click on Tasks.


Right click on the Backup ConfigMgr Site Server task and choose properties. Set your schedule values and enable the task.


What Gets Backed up ?

According to Microsoft the following gets backed up:


What Gets Backed Up
In order to completely back up a Configuration Manager 2007 site server, the following data needs to be included in the backup:

* The Configuration Manager site database (SQL Server database)
* Configuration Manager installation directory on the site server
* Master site control file (.\Inboxes\\Sitectrl.ct0)
* SMS and NAL registry keys on the site server

What Does Not Get Backed Up


Some Configuration Manager 2007 site systems contain site data that is easily recreated if the site fails and are not backed up during the site backup process. For example, there is no need to backup data from site systems such as standard and branch distribution points, management points, reporting points, and server locator points. These site systems can easily be reinstalled by the site server if they fail.The Backup ConfigMgr Site Server maintenance task backs up logs located in the Configuration Manager logs directory, but some Configuration Manager 2007 site systems write logs in other locations and are not backed up by the Backup ConfigMgr Site Server maintenance task. You should plan an alternative method to back up these logs if required.It is not necessary to back up the SQL Server master database when backing up the Configuration Manager site database. The Backup ConfigMgr Site Server maintenance task backs up all of the required information for restoring the site from the SQL Server hosting the site database as part of the backup process. The original SQL Server master database is not required for restoring the site database on a new SQL database server.Backing up Configuration Manager 2007 clients are not backed up as part of the site backup process for the following reasons:

* To properly back up a Configuration Manager client, the client services must be stopped. However, there is no reliable way to stop and start the client services. Stopping and starting the client services can potentially corrupt the data on the client�s disk or in the backup snapshot.
* Clients are too numerous. It is neither practical nor beneficial to backup and restore the clients assigned to a site.
* The effect of losing client data is relatively small.

What the above doesn’t tell you is that you need to backup the following (using whatever other traditional backup method you have).

Using traditional backup routines (like DPM), backup the Following folders (assuming you have all your packages on D:\ if not, backup the corresponding folders on C:\ etc:-


In other words, if you want everything backed up, you will need to backup ALL packages on ALL distribution Points you have setup, including the Package source folders using traditional backup methods (DPM etc).

How can I Restore my site Backup

You can restore your site backup using the Site Repair wizard, either by running splash.hta from the SCCM 2007 DVD or by selecting it from the Start Menu.

site repair.JPG


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