How to Restore Deleted Active Directory Object using LDP.exe in Windows Server 2008 R2 Domain

Before we begin

The account with which we are going to perform this action should be a member of Domain Admins group.

Best Practices

It is always recommended to have a proper system state backup. To know how to perform system state backup in 2008 machines please click here. Recycle bin is just an option in Windows Server 2008 R2. Once enabling this feature it cannot be reversed under any circumstances. So plan accordingly.


We will be deleting the same account named as “Sunder” for testing purpose.

Open command prompt in elevated mode as follows.

Go to Start > Right click Command Prompt > Select Run as Administrator as shown below.


Figure 1.1 : Open Command Prompt in elevated mode.


Figure 1.2 : Type ldp.exe and then press enter


Figure 2.1 : Click on connect


Figure 2.2 : Type the server name with which you want to connect. In our scenario its DC1.

Click on OK.


Figure 3.1 : Click on Bind


Figure 3.2 : Bind as currently logged on user (Default). Click ok.


Figure 4.1 : Select Options in the menu bar and then select Controls.


Figure 4.2 : Option to select.

In figure 4.2 please select “Return deleted objects” in the drop down menu as shown above.


Figure 5.1 : Select Tree

Go to view and Select “Tree” and select the option as listed below.


Figure 5.2 : In BaseDN Select Domain Partition.


Figure 6.1 : Click Modify

In Figure 6.1 navigate to Deleted Objects container and locate the Deleted Objects which was deleted. Right click and then select Modify.


Figure 6.2 : Modify the selected object.

In figure 6.2 type “isDeleted” and under Operation select Delete and then press Enter as shown above.


Figure 6.3 : Changing the DN.

In figure 6.3 type distinguishedName and in the Values type the original DN of the object. In our case it is “CN=Sunder,OU=All Company Users,DC=MSEXCHANGETEAM,DC=IN”. Select the check box Extended without fail.

Under Operation select Replace and again press Enter. And finally click Run.

Object restored successfully.


Figure 7.1 : Object restored Successfully.

It is always important to make a note of the object from where it was deleted. This will help in fetching the DN of the object.

Conclusion : Using Powershell it is pretty straight forward. However we have two easy option to recover deleted objects which was deleted accidentally. Choice is yours.


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