All about DHCP

DHCP Advantage

1) Adding DHCP to the network does not cost anything extra beacause the dhcp capability is placed on windows server 2003.

2) Once the IP configuration information is entered in the server , it is automatically passed to the clients . Thus a user cannot misconfigure any parameter.

3) Problems that occur ,during configuration are minimized.

4) DHCP assign the IP addresses only when the client makes a request. This leads to the conservation of ip addresses


DHCP Disadvantage

1) Only some of the DHCP client implementations work properly with the DHCP Server in windows server 2003.

2) The information in dhcp server is automatically deliverd to all the dhcp clients .Thus , it become important to put correct information into dhcp server.

3) If there is a single dhcp server and it is not available, lease will not be requested or renewed .this way it will be single point of failure for the network.

4)In oreder to use dhcp on a multisegment network , DHCP server or relay agent should be placed on each segment .you can also ensure that the router is forwarding Bootstrap protocol Broadcasts.


Managing DHCP

Managing DHCP Involves prforming Various functions to ensure smooth running of the DHCP service.

To use the DHCp Console To modify the dhcp Status

1) Select Start> All programs > Admin tools >DHCp.

2) Select the DHCP Server .

3) Select action > all tasks .A drop menu appears .

4) Select the required option.

Alternatively you can use the services console to modify the DHCP Status

1) Select start > All programs > Admin Tools > Services.

2) Double Click Dhcp Server.

3) To modify the Dhcp server status Clickany of the buttons from the service status group .


1) DHCP Automates the allocation of ip addresses to clients.

2) A DHCP server must be authorizes in active directory before they can assign ip address.

3) A set of one or more ip addresses is called an exclusion range .

4) Multinet is a configuration where more than one logical ip network is used on each physical network or subnet.

5) DHCP clients can be configured to receive ip addresses automatically or manually

6) You can soecify alternative settings for dhcpclients using the altern configuration tab.

7)Atleast period is the length of time for which the DHCp server allocates an ip address to the client.

8) The process to obtain an ip address is called the initial lease process.

9) There are four messages sent during the initial lease process

# DHCP Server

# DHCP Offer

# DHCP Request

# DHCp Ack

10) The deafault lease period for an ip address is 8 days.


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