Create SystemStateBackup for Windows 2008 Domain Controllers

Create SystemStateBackup for Windows 2008 Domain controllers. Create batch file and schedule SystemStateBackup two times in a day and save it on second hard drive on the system. This directory is being backed up with software to tape or offside backup place


Log into DC you wish to backup,

You need to install Windows 2008 backup tools (this is not installed by default)

  • Open command line and type as fallows
  • servermanagercmd -install Backup-Features
  • Note, System State backup can ONLY be run via CLI.
  • Verify the at the end of this you get “install completed successfully.”

Make sure you have dedicated drive for destination of the backup you are about to perform, you need to dump the SystemStateBackup to Disk and if you wish you can move it from there to DVD or external backup media.


  • When you ready type the fallowing on command line
wbadmin start systemstatebackup -backupTarget:: –quiet
  • here is mine,
wbadmin start systemstatebackup -backupTarget:E: –quiet
  • I am going to use E drive since I have dedicated 10Gig backup drive for this purpose


  • Wait to verify SystemStateBackup is done successfully.


  • Go back to backup drive and verify the backup is there




If you have not seen part 1 please go back and take a look, we went over how to create SystemStateBackup on windows 2008 on part 1.

This article we will cover how to create batch file and using task scheduler in windows 2008 we will automate the SSB ( SystemStateBackup)


  • Copy and past below into notepad
wbadmin start systemstatebackup -backupTarget:: –quiet
  • here is how mine looks
wbadmin start systemstatebackup -backupTarget:E: –quiet


  • Save the file on a folder on the Domain controller as fallows
  • backupSS.bat” ( or anything you like)




  • Create and schedule a new backup job to backup the System State backup.
  • Click Start on the search type Taskschd.msc and hit enter



  • Click on the right pane Create task


  • Give it a name , SystemStateBackup VMDC3



  • Click Triggers Click New I am going to say, I need SystemStateBackup two times in a day


  • Click Actions, click new, Start a program , and Click Browse to Script folder on the C drive or wherever you placed the batch file we made earlier


  • Click okay and do test run


  • verify backup has ran successfully


  • Back this directory up to another location or to media if you wish
  • WBAdmin



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