Reg Converter v1.0


Reg converter
Reg Converter is a Portable Freeware Utility to convert .reg data to .bat , vbs or Au3 , This is particularly useful for those files which need administrative privileges to be merged into the registry or unattended installations. The interface is very simple

1. To convert any .reg file to .bat , vbs or Au3 use “Select reg File” icon or just Drag and drop .reg file

reg converter select reg file

2. Choose one of the Output file . If you choose .bat file you can use reg.exe or regedit.exe (has some limitations for example writing Unicode character to registry is problematic.)

Reg converter choose output

3. To convert the .reg data Use Convert button and Finally Click save button to save coverted data

Reg converter convert button

If you find a useful registry tweak on a Web page and want to convert it one of the supported Formats easily , just copy it and use “Clipboard” button, it will convert the Clipboard content and will help to simplify the whole Process (You do’t have to copy the registry twaek and paste it in Notepad and save it as .reg file then use Reg Converter.exe to convert it)

Copy convert

You can add convert options to your context menu too, to do that use “Menu” Button and click “Context Menu Options” then you can choose desired converter and add it to your Right Click menu

Add convert option to context manu

convert context

Reg Converter has Command line support , here are the parameters (use RegConverter.exe /? to see all of them)

RegConverter cmd parameters

Supported operating systems: Windows Xp , Windows Vista , Windows 7 , Windows 8 , Windows 8.1 – (x86 & x64)
Supported languages: English


RegConverter Download

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