Windows Active Directory

Q1.What do you mean by active directory? Tell us about the active directory restore methods.
Q2.How would you like to differentiate between Windows Installer and Software Installer?
Q3.Explain Empty Root Domain.
Q4.What do you mean by Group Policy? Can you tell us anything about a Group Policy Objective or GPO?
Q5.Mention the major Windows Server 2003 keyboard shortcuts.
Q6.What is Forest?
Q7.How would you like to differentiate between NTFS and FAT on a local machine? Tell us about the one major difference here.
Q8.Can you tell us anything about an NT 4 domain?
Q9.What is Garbage Collection?
Q10.How would you approach the installation of AD on a new server? Tell us about the major requirements here.
Q11.Tell us in detail about the guest accounts in Server 2003 and also mention how they are different from other editions.
Q12.What is Active Directory schema?
Q13.Tell us about LDAP in detail.
Q14.In Windows Server 2003 it is possible to restrict some things which could not be done in other editions. Tell us about them.
Q15.Tell us about a Mixed Mode in detail.
Q16.How can Exchange 2000 mailboxes be migrated to Exchange 2003?
Q17.How can you ascertain whether user accounts have local administrative access or not?
Q18.Tell us something about an NTFS partition.
Q19.Tell us in detail about the major differences between Server 2008 and Server 2003.
Q20.Where can GPMC be downloaded?
Q21.Tell us about the maximum number of unsuccessful logons which are permitted in the Administrator account.
Q22.Tell us about the Inter-Site Topology Generator or ISTG in detail.
Q23.How would you like to differentiate between Domain Controller and ADS?
Q24.Tell us about the possible reason/reasons why you might encounter problems with XP domain users while printing.
Q25.Tell us about Configure Partition and Schema Partition in detail.
Q26.How frequently do you think client policy needs to be refreshed? Is there any possible reason behind it?
Q27.Do you know anything about a DC restoration? Tell us the possible reason you cannot restore a DC, backed up four months back.
Q28.What do you know about IntelliMirror? State its function briefly.
Q29.What is Native Mode?
Q30.Tell us about sites.
Q31.Can you tell us anything about the directory service protocol/protocols?Q32.Partition Knowledge Table—- tell us something about it.
Q33.Tell us about the AD backup process.
Q34.What do you know about a datacenter server?
Q35.What is secedit?
Q36.Mention the hidden shares which are there on Windows Server 2000 Installation.
Q37.Tell us about an LDP or Label Distribution Protocol in detail.
Q38.What does administrative template conf.adm contain?
Q39.Can you detect the reason why NT4 clients are not able to connect to Windows 2000 domain?
Q40.Tell us about Distributed File System or DFS Installations.
Q41.State the kinds of objects which can be registered in DNS dynamically.
Q42.Can you tell us anything about Powershell?
Q43.How is it possible to manage MS cluster?
Q44.What do you know about System State Data?
Q45.What is cost value?
Q46.Tell us about the domains in the active directory.
Q47.Can you tell us briefly about the Universal Naming Convention or UNC?
Q48.Tell us about NETDOM and REPLMON.
Q49.What is Global Catalog?
Q50.What do you mean by Trust in the context of AD?

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