Major Differences Between Vmware Clone Template Snapshot


  • Clone Creates a Duplicate copy of Virtual Machine.
  • Clone is used for Backup, R&D and to create Multiple Virtual Machines.
  • Clone requires equal amount of space in the data store.
  • A cloned VM will have same IP address and SID (Secure Identification)
  • we have change them before bringing them in to the network.

Template :

  • Its a Master copy of a Virtual Machine.
  • The main use of template is to create multiple Virtual Machines.
  • it creates .vmtx file
  • template cannot be powered on.

Snapshot :

  • Snapshot captures the entire state of the VM when we take snapshot.
  • Like settings, Disk, and the Memory.
  • Snapshot lets you to reserve the state of VM, So that we can return back to the particular state.
  • It is used for testing and upgrading of a VM application and the changes we have done.

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