VMware Vsphere 5.1

What is Virtualization :

  • Virtualization is a technology that transforms to hardware into software.
  • It Allows you to run multiple operating systems as virtual machines on a single computer.

Why Do we Virtualization ?

  • virtualization is implemented primarily to make optimal utilization of computer Resources i.e Processor and Bbmemory

Benefits of Virtualization :

  • Maximize the utilization of Hardware Resources (Processor & Memory)
  • Ability to pool resources from multiple servers into one pool
  • Zero Down time maintenance
  • Reduce administration Overhead
  • Consolidate Servers, reduce space and power utilization
  • Save time on administration tasks
  • Saves capital and  operation costs
  • Provides High Availability for Applications And Servers
  • Provides security at the highervisor level and server/application levels
  • Easy Backup and restore of virtual machines (VM) / data
  • Supports wide range of current and legacy Operating Systems

Components :

  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Network and
  • Storage

 Providers of Virtualization Technology :

  • VMWARE – (Vsphere, Vmware View, Thin App)
  • MICROSOFT – (Hyper-v, Med-v, App-v)
  • CITRIX – (Xen Server, Xen Desktop, Xen App)

Types of Virtualization :

  •  Server Virtualization
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Application Virtualization
  • Cloud Computing Virtualization

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