System uptime

wmic OS Get LastBootUpTime


yyyy    Four-digit year (0000 through 9999).
mm      Two-digit month (01 through 12).
dd      Two-digit day of the month (01 through 31).
HH      Two-digit hour of the day using the 24-hour clock (00 through 23).
MM      Two-digit minute in the hour (00 through 59).
SS      Two-digit number of seconds in the minute (00 through 59).
mmmmmm  Six-digit number of microseconds in the second (000000 through 999999).
s       Plus sign (+) or minus sign (-) to indicate a positive or negative
offset from Coordinated Universal Times (UTC).
UUU     Three-digit offset indicating the number of minutes that the
originating time zone deviates from UTC.



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