Free Download] Veritas Cluster Server Simulator

Cluster Server is a set of computer nodes that work together to give high performance and redundancy. There are many companies which are providing cluster server software but the most popular cluster server in IT industry is Veritas cluster server which is very widely used. If you are planning to learn Veritas cluster but not getting any machine to work on then you can try Veritas Cluster Simulator which is freely available.


Veritas cluster simulator


In this article we will not be talking about cluster server and its features and will only guide you how to get Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) Simulator which helps you to simulate and test cluster configurations. This simulator lets you view and modify service group and resource configurations and test failover behavior. VCS Simulator can run on a stand-alone system and does not require any additional hardware. You can install VCS Simulator only on a Windows operating system.


VCS Simulator runs an identical version of the VCS High Availability Daemon (HAD) as in a cluster, ensuring that failover decisions are identical to those in an actual cluster.

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Using this Veritas cluster server simulator, you can test different configurations for different operating systems. There are pre-install environment for different operating system like AIX, HP-UX, Linux, and Solaris operating systems. VCS Simulator also enables you to create and test global clusters.


VCS simulator Linux


You can administer VCS Simulator from the Java Console or from the command line. Below are some of the testing which we performed using this cluster simulator.

After installing Veritas cluster server simulator, open cluster manager Java console as a administrator otherwise it will not work. For this tutorial we are using Linux operating system cluster, you can choose any one.

Default username and password for VCS simulator are as below.

Username: admin
Password: password

We will show you how to make service group offline and online and how to switch service group to other node.
1. Making service group online and offline:

To make service group online, just click on the service group and right click on it. It will show different option, select online option and then choose the node you want to make service group online.

VCS simulator service group online


Now to make service group offline in Cluster, just do above step and select offline option. It will be only highlighted when service group is online.
VCS simulator service group offline


2. Switching Service Group:


To switch service group in java console you just have to right click on service group and select switch to option and then select the node to which you want to switch. Switching means to make service group online on other node.
VCS simulator service group switching

The above screenshot shows how the service group was switched to node sys1 from sys 2.


Download Veritas Cluster Server Simulator


Getting Veritas cluster server simulator is very easy. Just visit below link and sign-up for Symantec free account and download Veritas cluster server simulator for free.

Download link:

Note: create a new account download the simulator. if you already have an account use existing one.

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