Check the status of the shared SYSVOL

  1. Open Event Viewer.
  2. In the Event Viewer tree, click File Replication Service to display the FRS events.
  3. Look for an event 13516 with a date and time stamp that corresponds with the recent restart. It can take 15 minutes or more to appear. An event 13508 indicates that FRS is in the process of starting the service. An event 13509 indicates that the service has started successfully. Event 13516 indicates that the service is started, the folders are shared, and the domain controller is functional.
  4. To verify the shared folder is created, open a command prompt and type net share to display a list of the shared folders on this domain controller, including Net Logon and SYSVOL.
  5. At a command prompt, type dcdiag /test:netlogons and press ENTER.
  6. Look for a message that states computername passed test NetLogons where computername is the name of the domain controller. If you do not see the test passed message, some problem will prevent replication from functioning. This test verifies that the proper logon privileges are set to allow replication to occur. If this test fails, verify the permissions set on the Net Logon and SYSVOL shared folders.

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