How to troubleshoot journal wrap errors on Sysvol and DFS replica sets

The USN journal is a log of fixed size that records all changes that occur on NTFS 5.0-formatted partitions. NTFRS monitors the NTFS USN journal file for closed files in FRS replicated directories as long as FRS is running.

Journal wrap errors occur if a sufficient number of changes that occur while FRS is turned off in such a way that the last USN change that FRS recorded during shutdown no longer exists in the USN journal during startup. The risk is that changes to files and folders for FRS replicated trees may have occurred while the service was turned off, and no record of the change exists in the USN journal. To guard against data inconsistency, FRS asserts into a journal wrap state.

To perform maintenance on FRS replica set members, administrators may stop the FRS service for long periods of time. In this case, administrators may not realize the potential impact. Also, error conditions may cause the FRS service to shut down, and this causes a journal wrap error. In very large replica sets, replica members may encounter the following error during an authoritative restore (BURFLAGS=D4):

To recover, the affected replica member must be reinitialized with a nonauthoritative restore (BURFLAGS=D2) where it will synchronize files from an existing inbound partner. This re-initialization can be time-consuming for large replica sets.

The non-authoritative restore process must be invoked manually. To do this, you must set BURFLAGS=D2 in the Windows NT registry.

By default, versions of the Ntfrs.exe file from Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 (SP3) and from Windows 2000 SP3 hotfix do not perform an automatic non-authoritative restore, when journal wrap errors are detected. SP3 versions of NTFRS may be configured to function like SP2 when the “Enable journal wrap automatic restore” registry entry is set to 1 in the following registry subkey:


Important MS do not recommend that you use this registry setting, and this setting should not be used versions of Windows after the Service Pack 3 version of Windows 2000. The recommended method for performing a non-authoritative restore on FRS members of DFS or SYSVOL replica sets is to use the FRS BurFlags registry value.




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