Domain Tools v1.0

As being a Windows Administrator, I found that almost every day we spend ¼ of our working time for resetting password and unlocking user ids.

I decided to delegate this job to someone else (Yes, I know that it can be done via OU Delegation, but in some complex environment, it’s not a good idea), hence I start coding a tiny tool which will do the job for you.

This tool written in AutoIt scripting language, and it will take the help of DSMOD and DSQUERY command.

In this tool you have to configure the following details by clicking configuration button.

After clicking SAVE button, it will create Config.ini file for saving above information, and your domain admin password will be highly encrypted on the configuration file, so that you don’t have to share the admin password with anyone else. You just have to configure it once and give the tool with Config.ini to someone who will be delegated (In my case, helpdesk engineer) to do the user id related job.

This tool required Local Admin rights to execute, I did it intentionally.

Hope this tool might help some of you.

Download: (493.7 KiB, 153 hits)


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