Who on your network is a Local Admin?

This way you get text files (on a network location) for users and computers and is easy to find what you are after.

The code is below:

1 echo *** Checking Admin rights of PC and User ***
2 net localgroup administrators | find "\" | find /v "Domain Admins" > \\server\share\admins\PC\%COMPUTERNAME%.txt
3 for /F "tokens=1,2 delims=\" %%i in (\\server\share\admins\PC\%COMPUTERNAME%.txt) do if not "%%j"=="" echo %DATE% -- %COMPUTERNAME% >> \\server\share\admins\USER\%%j.TXT

Now all you have to do is a startup script in a group policy, and away it goes.

-Make sure the location \\server\share\admins has read and write access by all users.
-Make sure you apply the startup script to the computers OU (or the domain if you want to include all machines) and assign it to “Authenticated Users” so that it can apply to all authenticated computer accounts.
-Assign only to PC computer OU’s to exclude all servers and only apply to client PC’s.







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