Debugging Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

No doubt if you’ve used Windows for some time you’ve come across the dreaded BSOD. Windows can be configured to perform either a kernel memory or minidump – saved to %Systemroot%\memory.dmp or %Systemroot%\Minidump respectively.

To interpret the result of the dump file you’ll need to grab the Windows debugging tools from

Additionally you must have symbol information when you debug applications with various Microsoft tools. Symbol files can present a roadmap of the function calls that lead to the failure. The Microsoft Symbol Server is not browsebal so instead you can run the following cmd:

windbg -y srv*symbols* -i c:\windows -z c:\temp12111-19016-01.dmp

where c:\windows is the Windows install directory and a copy of the .dmp file has been copied to c:\temp


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