DFS commands

DFS Configuration

dfsrdiag DumpMachineCfg /Mem:

Checking The Backlog

dfsrdiag backlog /rgname:”RedMon-FS01 – RedMon-FS02″ /rfname:Folder_name /sendingmember:RedMon-FS01 /receivingmember:RedMon-FS02 

How to delete the particular Replication Group

dfsradmin RG Delete /Rgname:”BTS_CORE”               

Replicated Folder list from a particular Replication Group

dfsradmin RF List /RgName:”RedMon-FS01 – RedMon-FS02″ /Attr:All 

Force Replication

dfsrdiag syncnow /partner:RedMon-FS01 /RGName:”RedMon-FS01 – RedMon-FS02″ /Time:1

DFSRDIAG POLLAD /MEM:%computername%

Last update DC name

WMIC /namespace:\\root\mic

rosoftdfs path DfsrReplicationGroupConfig get LastChangeSource 

Test the Namespace servers.

DFSDiag /TestDFSConfig /DFSRoot:\\Contoso\Apac$

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