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AD services install via command

get-windowsfeature AD-Domain-Services | install-windowsfeature

Reusing a Role Installation XML file in Windows Server 2012 to install the Active Directory Domain Services Role

  • Install the same Server Role(s) and/or Feature(s) on another Windows Server by copying the file over to a (shared) file location and executing the following PowerShell one-liner on the console of the server:

Install-WindowsFeature –ConfigurationFilePath

  • Install the same Server Role(s) and/or Feature(s) on (a group of) remote server(s) with the DeploymentConfigTemplate.xml in a local file location , using the following PowerShell one-liner:

Install-WindowsFeature –ConfigurationFilePath
D:\ConfigurationFiles\ADCSConfigFile.xml -ComputerName $

More info:

System Reserved Partition contents

  • $RECYCLE.BIN: The per-drive Windows Recycle Bin
  • Boot: The Boot Configuration Database (BCD) location on BIOS-based systems
  • Recovery: The Windows Recovery Environment (RE) boot image
  • System Volume Information: The folder used to store System Restore restore points
  • bootmgr: The orchestrator of the Windows boot process; it replaced NTLDR used in old Windows versions
  • BOOTNXT: This small, mysterious file is believed to be involved in Windows startup options for USB, such as Windows to Go; see this reference for more details
  • BAK: The backup of the drive’s boot sector; used in master boot record (MBR)-based disks

How to Remove the Windows “System Reserved” Partition

Powershell Code: Create System State Backup

Move computer objects to another Active Directory OU


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