DNS Best Practices

Filters with PowerShell Active Directory

Find Server Objects Without NTDS Settings

Remote Windows PC Enumeration using PSTools

Listed below are all tools in the said tool kit:

  • PsExec – execute processes remotely
  • PsFile – shows files opened remotely
  • PsGetSid – display the SID of a computer or a user
  • PsInfo – list information about a system
  • PsPing – measure network performance
  • PsKill – kill processes by name or process ID
  • PsList – list detailed information about processes
  • PsLoggedOn – see who’s logged on locally and via resource sharing (full source is included)
  • PsLogList – dump event log records
  • PsPasswd – changes account passwords
  • PsService – view and control services
  • PsShutdown – shuts down and optionally reboots a computer
  • PsSuspend – suspends processes

AD FS Rapid Restore Tool

Audit account management

Enable Windows Integrated Authentication (IWA) for Mozilla, Chrome browsers in ADFS server.

1. Login to the server
2. Open powershell console as administrator
3. Check WIASupportedUserAgents which are available existing in ADFS server.
4. To add the different browsers, Run the below powershell command
(Set-AdfsProperties –WIASupportedUserAgents @(“MSAuthHost/1.0/In-Domain”,”MSIE 6.0″,”MSIE 7.0″,”MSIE 8.0″,”MSIE 9.0″,”MSIE 10.0″,”Trident/7.0″,”MSIPC”,”Windows Rights Management Client”,”Edge”,”Chrome”,”Firefox”)
4.Check whether WIASupportedUserAgents are available.
5. If it is not available post getting customer approval to stop the primiary ADFS server from NLB and restart ADFS service and check for User agents.

Phantoms, tombstones and the infrastructure master

AD technet portal

Wiki: Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) Portal (Fantastic!)

AskDS / AskPFEPlat

The AskDS blog remains the most amazing place on the internet to find deep technical answers to all of your AD questions. Here are links to some of their best articles related to learning Active Directory. Each of these posts contain links to key Active Directory information that every admin should know.
http://blogs.technet.com/b/askds/archive/2010/06/25/friday-mail-sack-1970-s-conversion-van-edition.aspx (scroll to bottom)
And here are two bonus posts that I couldn’t pass up.

First, Do No Harm (DCPROMO checklist, highly recommended)

TechNet Library

How Active Directory Replication Topology Works

How Operations Masters Work

How the Windows Time Service Works

How the Data Store Works

Active Directory Maximum Limits – Scalability

How Domain and Forest Trusts Work

Capacity Planning for Active Directory Domain Services

Understanding FSMOs

Phantoms, tombstones and the infrastructure master

FSMO placement and optimization on Active Directory domain controllers

Windows 2000 Active Directory FSMO roles

how to identify dirty drives

fsutil dirty query \\?\Volume{80d0e01f-154c-4053-b958-4aad7c1563ba}

fsutil dirty query y


chkntfs t

Mounted volume export command:

mountvol >> 1.txt


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