change Illustration image file on ADFS server

Implementation Details:

1) Login into the TESTADFS.

2) Open the powershell Run As Administrator
3) Get-AdfsWebTheme check the current webtheme applied
4) To export a web theme, use the following cmdlet:
Export-AdfsWebTheme –Name default –DirectoryPath c:\theme04
5) To change the illustration use the below cmdlet:

Set-AdfsWebTheme -TargetName default -Illustration @{path=”c:\Contoso\illustration.png”}

6) Clear the browser history and reload the web page.


1) Login into the TESTADFS.
2) Refer the old web theme directory path c:\theme04\Illustration\Illustration.png
3) using the below cmdlet to revert the old Illustration image.
Set-AdfsWebTheme -TargetName default -Illustration @{path=”c:\Contoso\illustration.png”}


AD FS Rapid Restore Tool

Enable Windows Integrated Authentication (IWA) for Mozilla, Chrome browsers in ADFS server.

1. Login to the server
2. Open powershell console as administrator
3. Check WIASupportedUserAgents which are available existing in ADFS server.
4. To add the different browsers, Run the below powershell command
(Set-AdfsProperties –WIASupportedUserAgents @(“MSAuthHost/1.0/In-Domain”,”MSIE 6.0″,”MSIE 7.0″,”MSIE 8.0″,”MSIE 9.0″,”MSIE 10.0″,”Trident/7.0″,”MSIPC”,”Windows Rights Management Client”,”Edge”,”Chrome”,”Firefox”)
4.Check whether WIASupportedUserAgents are available.
5. If it is not available post getting customer approval to stop the primiary ADFS server from NLB and restart ADFS service and check for User agents.

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AD FS Rapid Restore Tool

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