Dumping Domain Password Hashes

Dumping Domain Password Hashes


How to Restrict DNS Zone Scavenging When Hosting Multiple Zones on Multiple Servers


Finding Orphaned Domain Controllers in Active Directory Sites and Services

RODC Technical Reference Topics

User and Setting the ManagedBy Computer Attribute

Gpresult for entire domain machines

$computers = Get-ADComputer -SearchBase ‘OU=USA,DC=win,DC=com’ -Filter ‘*’ | foreach { $_.Name | Add-Content -Path c:\computers.txt}
$citrixTESTservers = Get-Content -Path c:\computers.txt
foreach ($server in $citrixTESTservers)
if (test-connection -computername $server -count -2 -quit)
Get-GPResultantSetOfPolicy -Computer $server -ReportType html -Path c:\$server.html

} else
Write-Warning “$Server seems dead not pinging”


Get-GPResultantSetOfPolicy -User “win\test” -Computer pc1 -ReportType html -Path c:\oc1new.html

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