DCPROMO Debug update

Below is an explanation of the DC* log files:

  1. DCPromoUI.log – Records detailed progress report of user selections and operations.
  2. DCPromo.log – Records summary of critical operations.
  3. DCPromos.log – Records graphical user interface mode setup, this is for upgrades from Windows NT 3.x or Windows NT 4.0 domain controllers to Active Directory Domain controllers.

There is one additional important file that you should also use which is:

  • Netsetup.log – Provides information about the attempts to join domains

Happy logging!


SID to name convertion

Get-ADUser -Identity S-1-3-12-12451234567-1234567890-1234567-1434

fcinfo details

fcinfo /details
fcinfo /ports
fcinfo /ports /details
fcinfo /stats
fcinfo /mgmtinfo
fcinfo /top
fcinfo /mapping (targeted towards a specific HBA, defaults to HBA 0)

Find WWN number details

fcinfo /ports /details

MD5 or SHA1 value finder

windbg commands

! vm command

Displays the processes that were active at the time of failure, for each memory usage. You can also track the process that became unstable because you know the amount of memory consumption.

! apc command

Displays the processes that were running when a failure occurred in the order in which they started. Windbg may also comment on the process that crashed.

!sysinfo machineid
!sysinfo smbios
!sysinfo cpuspeed
!sysinfo cpuinfo

secure channels between each domain controller

nltest /server:test-mumahu-dc5 /sc_query:test.com

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